Level Up Your VR Game This Cyber Monday

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Article: Level Up Your VR Game This Cyber Monday

Level Up Your VR Game This Cyber Monday

Level Up Your VR Game This Cyber Monday

Virtual reality isn’t as new to users anymore but it is still a raging topic in the world of gaming. Now with the release of the Quest 3, it is once again the talk of the town. To become a part of this new craze, you can take advantage of the Quest 2 Cyber Monday sales and get your hands on the latest VR accessories at the most affordable prices.

Syntech’s Cyber Monday sale is live and you can buy all your favorite VR Accessories at 15% less of the original cost. So, keep reading and explore our range of VR accessories.

man wearing syntech oculus headstrap

In VR headsets, there are either two screens or one screen split in half so that it draws different pictures for each eye, it is intended to give real depth to the scenes, unlike a flat screen. Amazingly, affordable VR headsets entered the market long ago and now you can get your hands on the best accessories for your VR devices. These will allow you to experience the most immersive VR play games from the comfort of your home.

Syntech Home is a well-known resource for top-rated VR accessories and you can take advantage of the ongoing Oculus Cyber Monday Sale, and get all your favorite accessories at a discounted price!

VR Accessories to Grab This Cyber Monday 

From the collection of VR accessories that we own, only a few make it to our favorite list. New VR consoles are in the market so it’s only fair to update our list of VR accessories. Let us explore the collection that Syntech has for us this Meta Quest 2 Cyber Monday.

1. VR Head Strap with Battery Pack

VR head strap with battery pack

The Meta Quest 2 & 3 have been liked a lot by VR freaks, so we have introduced products for you to further elevate your gaming experience. Our VR head strap that was compatible with the Quest 2 now has another variant that is compatible with the Quest 3. These head straps carry a battery with them that can go on for 4-6 hours of gaming without the need for recharging. A 10000mAh storage allows it to perform exceptionally. 

This head strap has a simple design but is powerful in action. Its adjustable design allows you to wear it comfortably for as long as you want. It comes with soft cotton straps that provide a padding effect to the users. Furthermore, to guarantee secure and dependable usage during intense gaming, the inclusion of safety features like LiPo batteries, overcharge protection, overheating protection, short-circuit protection, and overload protection is essential. Explore one of the top-notch Oculus Quest accessories available for purchase here.

2. Hard Carrying Case for VR Headset

Hard Carrying Case for VR Headset

If you’re on the lookout for VR headset accessories, this case is a great pick. We know you're looking for durability and functionality that comes with the absolute look. Look nowhere because of this. Oculus 2 Cyber Monday you can avail a discount on this chic hard carrying case for your VR headset.

Make sure you opt for the right size when placing the order. You can put a whole bunch of things in this case, including your VR headsets with different straps and versions, two touch controllers, and other accessories like the charging cable, and a power adapter.  The case is designed so that it organizes your gadget and accessories cleanly and has a soft black lining that provides additional protection.

3. Touch Controller Grip Covers

touch controller grip covers

Choosing the right VR gaming peripherals can help you improve your VR experience tremendously. Our touch controllers are compatible with Quest 2. These come with Velcro straps that allow you to firmly hold the controllers, providing a solid grip. Moreover, these are made up of washable, eco-friendly material that helps you keep it neat and clean no matter how long you use it.

The humanized finger model design of these covers further improves grip and functioning. These covers allow intense gaming with a superior grip. The package comprises a set of controller grip covers, silicone protective ring covers, knuckle straps (one pair each), and a user manual. Syntech offers a lifetime warranty and provides friendly customer service support.

4. Charging Link Cable 6FT For Quest 2

charging link cable 16-FT


This is a go-to virtual reality gear for uninterrupted VR gaming. It is durable and flexible, being 16 feet in length, and offers compatibility with your Oculus devices. It comes with safety features that prevent overcharging and short-circuiting due to an intelligence that's been installed in it.

Don't worry about power running out during gameplay when you have our control charging cable at your side. It provides USB 3.0 transfer speed and features a user-friendly design, enhancing the overall experience.  Additionally, the attached Velcro strap guarantees a secure connection, preventing disconnection when moving around.

Take Advantage of the Last Days of Cyber Monday!

Finding the best Oculus Quest accessories is challenging, but Syntech Home has an easy solution for you. We have a complete collection of VR accessories available to improve your VR gaming. Syntech Home is a hub for quality-driven accessories for enthusiasts.

Right now, you can go to our site and make the best of Oculus Cyber Monday Deals. Go and select your favorite VR accessories and avail a 15% discount on your purchase. The sale is about to end so go and grab your deal now!

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