Why You Need a Selfie Light to Up Your Photo Game

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Article: Why You Need a Selfie Light to Up Your Photo Game

Why You Need a Selfie Light to Up Your Photo Game

Why You Need a Selfie Light to Up Your Photo Game

Do you like clicking and capturing memories all the time? If you are a person who always has their phone in their hands and likes to click selfies, then certain products should always remain a part of your collection.

Amongst these is Syntech Portable Selfie Light. This product is one of the best in the market and that too for all the right reasons!

Syntech Clicklight Selfie Multipurpose Light

This selfie light is a 3-in-1 Multipurpose Light. It can act as a phone LED selfie light, a soft diffuser, and even a portable mirror that is usually attached to the phone.

Variation in Lightning

This kind of light is used for object-fill light, live streaming, make-up process videos, and portrait pictures. It contains an adjustable light mode for use and purpose along with 3 different light modes: bright white, natural, and warm yellow. They also come with 10 levels of brightness that give you a chance to set the light intended according to its use.

Be Able to Set an Atmosphere

This selfie light by Syntech consists of CRI 95 and has a large temperature range of 2500- 9000K. It helps set the atmosphere for shooting. Who doesn't like an upgraded diffused light system? Well, this portable selfie light features UV light modification to help with that. You can use it to diffuse dark areas, soften dark areas, or reduce glares.


It features a non-slip composure that is perfect for content creators. This selfie light is built with a modern and cute design, and since it is portable, it acts as a good mobile accessory. Not only that, but it also consists of a hand-held mirror which helps you set your hair or makeup before taking pictures. It can easily fit into purses or pockets, so you can take it anywhere with you. This reduces the hassle for content creators of carrying extra lights with them.

This wireless selfie light by Syntech contains phone clips. This can help stabilize the device in your phones, tablets, or laptops. Along with that it has a silicon PSD for screen protection and resist breaking the screen. If you want to capture something with the rear camera, then the phone holder feature can be used to help adjust the angle and hold the phone in place while you capture remarkable shots.


This is a wireless selfie light; however, this light consists of a 2000 MAh battery that supports simultaneous charging and use of the device. You can easily attach the light to a computer and rechargeable batteries of USB chargers for last and efficient carrying through the USB type C port. It can store maximum power for prolonged use.

You can get the Multifunctional Selfie Light on Syntech’s website. It can serve as anything you want, hence it is a good choice for all content creators or professional photographers.

How To Choose The Right Selfie Light?

How To Choose The Right Selfie Light

Know the Difference

Selfie lights are generally available in two different kinds: strobe and constant. Strobes are usually required for still images, and constant lights are used for video creation. You can choose the light that suits your requirements. The Syntech Clicklight can be suitable in both cases.

Light Intensity

As far as the power of the light is concerned, it is usually best to get a dim light for selfies or one with adjustable light options. You can easily change the power depending on the distance between the light and the subject.

Type of Light

Selfie lights are good for fluorescent, warm white, or stark white lighting. Usually, warm yellow or bright white lights are discouraged. These lights prove to act as the best selfie lights from mobile to enhance the atmosphere and result of every moment captured.


If you want a professional and the best portable selfie light, head onto Syntech and get amazing results. Boost up your feed and posts with this newly developed LED selfie light. It is wireless and rechargeable. It would work best from your phone or devices to give amazing results. Try out our renewed portable selfie light now.

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