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Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro Accessories

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Link Cable For Quest 3/ Quest 2/ Quest Pro/ Pico 4oculus quest 2 link cable is perfectly matched
oculus quest 2 hard casequest 2 hard case
Sold outoculus head strapdummy wearing Headstrap with Battery pack for Quest 2
Head Strap for quest 2 and 3wearing syntech Head Strap

Headstrap For Quest 2

Sale price$39.99
Charging Link Cable 16FT for Quest 2charge your vr device while playing
Link Cable 16FT with LED Lightcompatible with quest 2 and quest 2 and pico 4
Touch Controller Grips Coversingle Touch Controller Grips Cover
VR Battery Pack Compatible with MetaVR Battery Pack Compatible with Oculus Quest 2
2-in-1 link cable for quest 2/quest pro/pico4black link cable
VR Headset Fast Charging Link Cable 16FTVR Headset Fast Charging Link Cable 16FT
Headstrap with Battery pack for Quest-3headstrap bettery pack
Headstrap For Quest 3Headstrap For Quest 3 on the table

Headstrap For Quest 3

Sale price$39.99
VR Crossbody BagVR Crossbody Bag

VR Crossbody Bag

Sale price$35.99
Carrying Case Compatible with PS5/ PS 5 SlimCarrying Case Compatible with PS5/ PS 5 Slim

Best Accessories for Oculus Quest 2

You're passionate about the cosmos and wanna experience celestial wonders, and you've recently explored virtual reality. You need some armour, right? It's actually where the best Oculus accessories pop in. High-quality VR is tough to find unless you find the right resource. To all the tech afficandos who are passionate about putting their wild dreams to function, meta quest accessories are a must-have this month.

Imagine standing in a lively ancient marketplace – the air filled with fragrant spices, merchants bargaining enthusiastically, and sunlight illuminating majestic temples. Now, open your eyes – you've moved beyond history class and into the evolutionary virtual reality essentials. Here, reality changes as you dive into this busy scene with a real passion. And that’s all possible with the best Oculus accessories. 

Best Oculus Quest Accessories

At Syntech Home, we have stocked top-rated Oculus gear and phenomenal meta-quest accessories to revamp your VR experience without a lot of hassle. We have a link cable for seamless connectivity between your Quest 2, Quest Pro, or Pico 4 VR headset and a compatible PC. Its durable construction and generous length offer reliable and low latency connection even with graphically demanding applications.

Next, we’ve is the hard carrying case for VR headsets that offers impact resistance and shields the headset from scratches, bumps and drops. This innovative VR accessory offers an enhanced VR experience with absolute portability and synchronisation. 

Oculus Headset Accessories

Do you want to extend your immersive play sessions? You must get your hands on the very favourite VR headstrap with a battery pack. It deserves to be one of the top-rated Oculus gear because it allows continuity with the gameplay without the need for frequent recharging. The sleek and adjustable head strap ensures a snug fit. At the same time, the battery pack seamlessly integrates to balance weight distribution, so you don’t need to worry about comfort with the finest Oculus headset accessory. 

We believe VR encounters might get difficult without a gripping aid. We have something that’s called touch-controlled grip covers designed to offer comfort and secure grip during gameplay. Easy to install and clean, they add a layer of protection to your controllers. Additionally, these meta-quest accessories prevent hand fatigue during the gameplay. 

Meta Quest Accessories

Importantly, you must say goodbye to battery-dropping anxiety before getting addicted to VR. It’s the right time to amplify your Oculus Quest 2 adventures with the VR battery pack. Engineered for compatibility, this pack seamlessly attaches to your headset, providing extended playtime without interruptions. Its sleek design complements your headset's aesthetics, and the user-friendly installation ensures hassle-free use.

What’s next with Oculus add-ons? 2-In-1 link cable crafted for Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Pico 4. This adaptable cable merges data transfer and power supply into one, simplifying your VR journey. Link your headset to a compatible PC for top-notch content and prolonged playtime. With a sturdy build, it guarantees dependability, and its practical length grants mobility.

So, We are a credible resource online for your best Oculus Quest accessories need online. You can trust SYNTECH HOME for tech-related purchases because we’re here with a mission to revolutionize the digital accessory market by creating innovative products based upon the idea of our very own founder, Edward.

VR reality is not new. However, the righteousness of gears and accessories makes the experience phenomenal from the comfort of your home.