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"If you're going to get someone a handheld gaming PCβ€” or know someone who already has one β€” this is the accessory we recommend gifting them."

"This deck is well-built and well-designed, and it's proof that you should show off your curves."

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"The Syntech Steam Deck Dock is a sturdy budget-friendly solution for desktop gaming."

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"In terms of its HDMI connection, the Syntech dock works like a dream."

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"The 2023 Red Dot Design Award-winning accessory may add up to six hours of extra game-play while providing potentially improved balance and control in headset-based gaming."

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Steam Deck Meets Its Match: The Syntech 90Β° Adapter

On Feb 19, 2024


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Life has greatly evolved and our everyday tech products have transformed with it. The 90-degree U...

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Steam Deck vs Laptop

Steam Deck vs Laptop: Can Portable Beat Powerful?

On Feb 09, 2024


11 days ago

Divided by the sheer power of a laptop vs the portability of the Steam Deck? We examine every pla...

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