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Creator's Gear For Digital Content Creators, Vloggers, and Livestreamers

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RGB GlowMic USB Condenser Microphonesyntech RGB GlowMic USB Condenser Microphone
syntech directional shotgun microphonelevel up smartphone audio with universal phone clip
ClickLight Multipurpose Portable Selfie Light3-in-1 led phone light

Being a content creator, you always need to be very mindful about content creator gears. The right equipment will treat your social media presence right, as every individual is very much used to glorifying beauty for eyes and ears. The best gear for content creators is the special ingredients to the creative concoctions, putting wild imaginations to reality. Content creation tools are here to rescue you no matter who you are: the digital storyteller, influencer, artist, YouTuber, Tiktoker, or Instagram.

At Syntech Home, we have redefined the content creator gear game, making content creation and consumption equally easy and unforgettable. Let’s explore how we can help you bring colors to your followers’ lives. 

Content Creator Gear 

Our clicklight multipurpose portable selfie light is a 3-in-1 content creator gear for the creators. This one comes with a soft diffuser, an LED light, and a portable mirror that helps you self-capture your moments for your audience.

This one gets the super favorite of our customers in no time because of its feasible ergonomics. Its portability breaks away from the traditional concept of static capturing and helps commute with this easier. Moreover, This one comes with adjustable light modes with ten levels of brightness and a CRI of greater than 95.

You don't need a constant supply to make it functional, as it comes with a 200mAh rechargeable battery. Additionally, the clicklight diffuser is upgraded with UV modification technology that eliminates hard shadows and reduces glare altogether. This one is particularly suited for hand-held shooting, making it absolutely versatile for the creators.

Also,  It supports simultaneous charging and use and conveniently features common Micro USB and Type-C port inputs (Type-C charging cable included). This means you can power it up using various sources, such as computer devices, rechargeable batteries, and USB chargers, without ever worrying about running out of power during your creative endeavors. 

Best Gear For Content Creators

One of the best gears for content creators is the Syntech cardioid shotgun microphone. This one is all set to elevate your audio game by delivering near-perfect audio to your audience. This one can help you with video recording, live streaming, film making, podcasts, and whatever you add to the list.

 Although it has a really compact design, it is blossoming in the lives of creators. It comes with an increased amount of shock mount, which significantly reduces vibration noise. It allows you to connect with various smartphones as it's equipped with a universal clip.

This isn't it. When you buy this content creator gear of ours, you'll have a complete package. It comes with a shotgun mic, shock mount, 3.5mm TRS cable, wind muff, foam cover, a carrying case, a leather bag, a user manual, and an 18-month warranty. What else would you wish for? 

Content Creator Kit

Content creation is gets way easy with the right type of content gears. A content creator kit with the right type of gear is all set to make your life easy. All sentiments are linked too the type of content you’re forwarding to your audience. This will define on your following on social media and other channels.

Syntech Home is phenomenal in meeting your content creation deal. We have all the resources available to set you right in the field with a lot of add-ons. Trust us or happy content creation.