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Headstrap with Battery pack for Quest 2

Sale price$49.99

  • Syntech's VR HeadStrap for Quest 2 offers improved comfort and stability with upgraded features.
  • The adjustable design allows for easy wear and includes a rotating feature for convenience.
  • The removable soft cotton strap and skin-friendly padding provide additional support and comfort.
  • The large 10,000mAh battery supports up to 4-6 hours of extended VR use.
  • The battery is made of lithium polymer, and it has protection mechanisms against overcharging, overheating, and overloading. 
  • This battery ensures reliable and safe usage even during extended gaming sessions.

VR Head Strap with Battery Pack

Take your VR immersion to the next level with our VR Head Strap, which includes a built-in battery pack for extended gaming sessions.


This comfort strap is designed to provide ease while using your VR device. It features a flexible 60° design, ensuring you can enjoy using your VR device in the comfort of your home all day.


With PU leather and a secure snap-fit, these straps ensure headset stability for extended VR use, offering comfort during various activities, including gaming and exercise.


The head straps for Quest 2, provide hours of VR gameplay with high-power batteries. These batteries offer increased capacity and safety for worry-free solo or family enjoyment.

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