Warranty Policy

We are responsible for our product conditions and are pleased to help you resolve any issues. The warranty period begins the day your product is received at your delivery address.

The after-sales service from Syntech will provide you with different after-sales service methods and solutions according to the warranty period and issue covered by the product itself. Therefore, you do not need to worry about any issues during the warranty period.

Here is the warranty period for specific products:

  • Adapter Series: 18 months
  • Hub Series: 18 months
  • Cable Series: 18 months
  • Wireless Charger: 18 months
  • QUEST 2 Head Straps: 12 months
  • QUEST 2 Grips: 3 months
  • Case Series: 3 months
  • Steam Deck Silicone Cover: 1 month

You can also verify the warranty period with our customer service team in the body of your message.

If you are currently experiencing any issues with our product, simply go to the support page to claim your warranty.

Warranty Registration

Please fill in the form in order to get the lifetime warranty by Syntech. Once the page redirected, you are noted on the warranty list. There is no confirmation email.

Or join the Syntech community on Instagram to claim your warranty and get giveaways on amazon in the future. 

Tips for the SN: The SN can be found on the main body of the product or directly on the packaging. It's located on a sticker on the packaging or printed directly on the product. (*If it has)