Dive into Unbeatable VR Deals This Black Friday

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Article: Dive into Unbeatable VR Deals This Black Friday

Black friday VR Deals

Dive into Unbeatable VR Deals This Black Friday

Syntech is here to help you put a break to all of your tech problems. If you are looking for good quality accessories for your prestigious VR devices, Syntech is the place for you! You can find multiple different accessories for Quest 2 and 3 as well as Pico 4 consoles.

Dive into high-quality tech supplies at affordable rates. What’s even better is that the Black Friday sale is still on! Now you can get the accessories of your choice at discounted prices.

Accessories Specialized for Quest and Pico Devices

The Quest 2 and 3 alongside the Pico 4 are the top devices in the VR world. They provide an immersive experience with high-quality pictures and motion. With a large capacity of storage and a fast process rate, you can enjoy video games to a whole new level of VR simulation.

Let's dive into the range of accessories that Syntech offers!

 Accessories Specialized for Quest and Pico Devices

Head Straps

Get head straps that are compatible with Quest 2 and 3 both. These head straps contain an easy design that is comfortable to put on and remove. They contain a 60-degree adjustable and removable cotton strap that helps increase the stability and flexibility of the headset enabling a comfortable fit. This head strap features a polymer connector built with a soft PU leather surface to increase support while the addition of memory foam enables the elasticity of the headsets to fit perfectly.

Moreover, they contain protective side pads that are made to protect the headset from harm while the skin is protected by the addition of skin-friendly soft pads on the inside. The Quest 3 headset provides you with additional glasses joints to balance your spectacles throughout the game.

VR Head Strap with Battery Pack

Syntech also offers a variation of the head strap which comes with a massive 10,000 mAh battery that can last up to 4-6 hours of subsequent use. This VR head strap with battery pack features an adjustable design by introducing removable soft cotton straps and skin-friendly soft pads to protect the skin. This contains a rotation feature to help you adjust the position of this headset.

Featuring a large battery capacity, it is necessary to include safety measures since the headset is used quite near the body. It contains LiPo batteries, overcharging protection, overheating protection mode, and lastly a short circuit protection feature. This enables everlasting safety and security for a long game play.

Controller Grip Cover

If you are looking for a functional and sleek-looking controller grip cover, you have found the best one in the market. The Syntech controller grip cover is compatible with the Quest 2. This cover consists of Velcro straps that provide a strong and comfortable grip.

The material of these covers is eco-friendly and durable. The TPU material is also easily washable. The cover contains a silicon protective covering that ensures the safety of the controller from damage or harm. Perfect for long and intense gameplay, this grip cover includes humanized finger prototypes and pattern lines on the exterior for a comfortable gameplay session.

Hard Carrying Case

Protect your VR headsets with the Portable hard carrying cases. This case consists of a splash-resistant fabric interior while the exterior is made up of a hard protective shell that is sturdy and strong enough to maintain its shape even after falls, wear, and tear. There is a tailored space for keeping the headset safe and secure.

You can also fit other accessories such as a charging cable and adaptor because of different compartments made to store other stuff while protecting them from movement. This case features dual zippers and hand straps, making it convenient to carry the cases anywhere. It allows easy portability of the device and other accessories.

Link Cables

There are four 4 different kinds of link cables available for VR devices. A charging link cable, a 2-in-1 link cable, a link cable with LED light, and a simple link cable that is available in 3 sizes.  All these cables are compatible with Quest ⅔ and Pico 4. All of these cables are cost-effective and high quality.

  • Link cable for Quest 3/2 and Pico 4

This link cable contains a USB 3 transmission speed and stable data synchronization for the best experience. It contains an L-shaped design lined with a velcro strap for protective and smart movement. While the device itself is durable and flexible which is perfect for daily use.

  • Charging Link Cable

It contains an intelligent chip that prevents and protects from overcharging and short circuits. It contains an additional charging port that ensures the device does not run out of battery. It features a USB 3 transmission speed and velcro straps for effective use and carrying. This link cable ensures a long-way transmission.

  • Link cable with LED Light

This cable consists of LED lights to indicate the charging. It is made of an L-shaped design and with a USB 3 transmission fast speed and a braided copper wire, you can avail fast data transmission with durable construction. Constructed from PVC this link cable has excellent flexibility and is abrasion resistant to frequent usage while staying durable.

  • 2-in-1 link cable

This link cable is compatible with the Quest devices as well as with the Pico 4 and provides excellent connection and performance. This cable is capable of USB 4 transmission of data with a first and stable speed. It contains a velcro strap to support the cable when charging. This cable is 10 ft long and has an L-shaped design for extra flexibility and ease of movement. You can enjoy a long, strong, and durable link cable that can easily charge the device while playing for a smooth overall operation.

Take Advantage of Black Friday This Year!


Take Advantage of Black Friday This Year

Get a chance to enhance your gaming sessions with Oculus Quest 2 Black Friday deals. This Black Friday 2023, you can avail some of the best discounts with 15% off on all VR accessories.

Moreover, if you are looking for further consideration, this Black Friday sale offers new members on Discord with an extra 5% off on all VR accessories. So what are you waiting for? Indulge into the world of VR with discounted products this Black Friday. .Rest assured, you will not be disappointed.

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