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About FBA Donation


The FBA Dontaion campaign was launched by Amazon in 2019.09. Amazon works with charities to manage logistics and simplify the donation process for independent sellers. In the United States, Amazon is cooperating with Good360; in the United Kingdom, charities that work with Amazon include Newlife, Salvation Army, and Barnardo's.

What we think

We are very happy to participate in the FBA Donations event. We know that putting products in the hands of those who need them can change lives and strengthen local communities.Compared with good-end products directly turning into rubbish, donations can make these unsalable products go to the people who need them, benefit those who need them, and make the seller's expenses worthwhile.

Educare University

What it is

Amazon has unveiled a new program today in the US and UK that will donate unwanted products from third-party Marketplace sellers instead of sending them to the garbage dump..

Educare University


The goal is to reduce waste and to allow sellers a more environmental friendly and cheaper way to get rid of unsold inventory.