An In-Depth Review of the Award-Winning Head Strap and Battery Pack

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Article: An In-Depth Review of the Award-Winning Head Strap and Battery Pack

An In-Depth Review of the Award-Winning Head Strap and Battery Pack

An In-Depth Review of the Award-Winning Head Strap and Battery Pack

Quest 2 launched on the 13th of October, 2020, and with its release started a new struggle. Quest 2 was a step up in the world of virtual reality. From the VR headset reviews, you can see that the headset stood out because:

  • wireless while the contemporaries required a wired connection and PC to run
  • the high-quality display with 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye
  • amazing performance with a powerful processor that allowed fast loading and flawless gaming
  • hand tracking allows human interaction in the VR world
  • an affordable price point that made VR world accessible for all
  • a design that made long play times possible

However, the users later learned that the battery time was barely 2 hours. Another thing of concern was the uncomfortable weight of the headset on the front of the face which led to neck and back pain issues. As a result, many manufacturers introduced head straps and battery packs. 

Not All VR Headset Accessories Were Created Equal

In today’s market, VR gaming accessories are abundantly available. There are many options for VR headset straps and VR headset battery packs manufactured from time to time to meet growing demand. In this blog post, we will review one of the best VR headset accessories available in the market. Syntech’s VR head strap with battery pack has won the Red Dot Award for its amazing design and spectacular function. 

Read on to learn about the VR headset upgrade that will have you a step above your VR playing peers. 

VR Head Strap Features for Complete Comfort and Style

One of the first issues that users noted with Quest 2’s design was the lack of comfort during the game. There were some very vocal complaints about pain in the face and the neck. The headset is heavy from the front while the strap design was not supporting weight properly. 

Syntech saw this void as an opportunity. Our head strap design performs where others are found lacking. The Elite head strap by Meta and the other third-party head straps were either too rigid or were halo shaped. Halo-shaped head straps, as we’ve come to learn, do not provide good support. 

Syntech’s Head Strap with Battery for VR Headset Comfort

We made a great effort in making the head strap for Quest 2 users. As you read on, you will understand that each component is well thought out.

Color of the VR Head Strap 

The black and white color of the head strap follows the color theme of the original Quest 2. With the similarity in color, our head strap blends in well with Quest 2. The white color adds a sense of calm and comfort to the design. On the other hand, the introduction of the orange color brings out the energy in the player, and their confidence, and also grabs the attention of the crowd.

Head Strap Parts for Better Experience

The designing of the components of the head strap was a long task. Let’s start with the cotton head strap that goes across the strap from left to right. The cotton strap provides support where there was none before. Its presence helps improve the weight distribution of the headset. 

The next component is the back portion of the head and the ear part of the head strap. This part has been filled with a super soft sponge to help increase comfort. On the other side is a slightly rigid structure to help with the stability of the headset and this consequently reduces weight on the cheekbones. 

Finally, the design includes a rotating point to help make the headset flexible during use. The user can simply rotate the headset upwards in order to do other tasks while wearing the Quest 2.

Syntech’s VR Headset Power Pack for 2-in-1 Function

The second part of this award-winning head strap with battery pack is the battery pack. With the battery pack, the improvement in the battery time would have been enough of a selling point. Syntech however wanted to maximize the benefits for the user. Read on to see how the battery pack makes the head strap perform its function even better. 

Improved Weight Distribution 

With the weight of the headset falling on the front side, it is only logical that the weight on the back side will change the weight distribution. This changed weight distribution is helpful in reducing pressure on the cheeks as well as preventing pain in the user’s neck.

Increase in the Battery Time 

The battery pack comes with a 10,000mAh capacity that effectively adds hours to the playtime. Every Quest 2 player knows that 2 hours is the maximum that they can get out of Quest 2 in one charge. This battery pack improves the VR headset's battery life and increases it to 6 or more hours.

The battery pack easily buckles up to the back of the head strap. Understanding the danger of attaching a battery near head, we went a step further. The battery pack has an inbuilt safety automatic cut-off protector that keeps the battery pack from overcharging and overheating.  

Final Thoughts about the Head Strap with Battery Pack for Quest 2 by Syntech

It is undeniable that the head strap with battery pack for Quest 2 is a must-have for Quest 2 users. Its award-winning design and spectacular function provide complete comfort and style to the users. The VR headset upgrade offers improved weight distribution, longer battery time, and a flexible rotating point for multi-tasking while gaming.

 With the Syntech VR head strap, players can experience virtual reality gaming without worrying about discomfort or battery life. So, if you're a Quest 2 player looking for a better gaming experience, the Syntech VR head strap with the battery pack is a must-have accessory. Don't settle for discomfort and short battery life, revolutionize your VR experience with Syntech. 

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