Review of the Wireless Chargers for Cable-Free Convenience

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Article: Review of the Wireless Chargers for Cable-Free Convenience

syntech ultimate charging solution

Review of the Wireless Chargers for Cable-Free Convenience

Over the past decade, technology has really improved our lives by making things easier and more convenient. One of the latest and most popular innovations is wireless charging. A wireless charger basically means that you no longer have to deal with cords and cables when charging your phone. You simply place your cell phone on a charging pad and voila!

 In this review, we'll be looking at a specific type of wireless charger called magnetic wireless chargers, which work with Qi charging technology. The product we're reviewing here is Syntech’s magnetic wireless charger. It's designed to make charging your phone super easy and convenient. Without the need for cords or a separate charging adapter, this is great for people on the move

The following sections will help you learn about the different facets of qi wireless charger from Syntech.

Syntech’s Take on Magnetic and Wireless Phone Chargers- A Review

Syntech’s magnetic wireless charger works through an inductive charging mechanism. The charging depends on a coil located inside the charging pad that produces electromagnetic charge. On the other side, there is a coil placed inside the smartphone device that receives the charge.

Charging Capabilities of Wireless Charger Pad

It is impossible to have a superfast charging experience with an inductive charger. Your average USB-C wireless magnetic charger cannot charge as fast as regular fast chargers. The size, efficiency, and power output of the charging coil within the charging pad all matter in this instance. These elements determine the speed of charging. 


connectin cable


Synetch’s Magnetic Wireless Charger can charge iPhones at 7.5W and Airpods at 5W. The best you can do to hasten the speed of charging is to use a 20W adapter for the wireless charger. 

Compatibility of the Qi Charger with Different Devices

Our charger is compatible with all smartphones that are Qi compatible whether iPhones or android phones. Typically the magnetic wireless chargers are used for iPhone 8 and above. You can even use your Magsafe mobile case with Syntech’s Magnetic Wireless Charger. Much like your iPad charger, this charging device will work with a lot of Apple devices.   


dock charging shown


Magnetic Capability in the Charger

Syntech’s Magnetic Wireless Charger comes equipped with 18 built-in magnetic modules. These magnetic modules have the most important function. The modules lock the charging device precisely to the charger to ensure proper inductive charging. 


Magnetic Capability in the Charger


Safety Measures in the Qi Charger

A good measure of the quality of the best wireless charging pads in the industry has been their safety profile. It is a good sign when the magnetic wireless charger has a safety chip installed. This safety chip in wireless chargers for Android and iPhone ensures that your device doesn’t end up getting overcharged. Another thing that the safety chip monitors is the temperature of the qi charger. Further still, the safety chip will prevent the charger from short-circuiting and causing irreparable damage to your smartphone.


Safety Measures in the Qi Charger


Design of the Magnetic Phone Charger

The sleek design of the wireless charging dock is a sight for sore eyes. The charging disc of this qi-certified charger is covered with fabric. This serves two purposes during use. One, the charger becomes heat resistant and consequently much more durable. Two, the charging pad doesn’t scratch the back surface of the devices it is attached to. 

Design of the Magnetic Phone Charger

Syntech’s wireless charger’s elements are well thought out even when we merely consider the design. You also get the option to get a wireless charging stand for the charger. The charging stand for phone further alleviates the design and user experience.

Is the Syntech Magnetic Wireless Charger Worth Buying?

If you want to remove the hassle of your conventional smartphone charging, then the answer is a big fat yes! 

Syntech’s Magnetic Wireless Charger checks all the right boxes when it comes to utility, design, and price. The charging cable even comes with a USB-A adapter to help ease your concerns even further. Ultimately, we can assure you, you won’t regret this purchase.  

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