Redefining Mobile Gaming with Lenovo Legion Go

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Article: Redefining Mobile Gaming with Lenovo Legion Go

Lenovo legion go gaming future

Redefining Mobile Gaming with Lenovo Legion Go

It’s the year 2023 and whether you like it or not, it's raining in the gaming industry. Whether you shift your focus to the VR world or the handheld category. By the end of the next month, we’ll have Lenovo Legion Go in our hands. Information about the handheld was leaked in July 2023 and in IFA 2023 recently many creators got to have a go at it.

gaming console on table

Source: The Verge

With handhelds like Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, and the new ROG Ally already making waves in the market, Lenovo Legion Go has a lot of ground to cover. This handheld needs to be phenomenal to make a difference.

Well, hold on tight because you might feel like this stuff is something that you saw pretty recently in ROG Ally. However, there is a surprise feature that has made us stop and expect more from this handheld gaming device. Here’s what we’ve learned so far about this handheld.

The Lenovo Legion Go Review: Features & Everything We Know So Far!

We have a lot of things to discuss here, especially Lenovo Legion Go features in comparison to the already available gaming handhelds. It’s only fair that the gamers know what they’re buying.

How does the Lenovo Legion Go Look?

Interestingly, the upcoming addition looks a little bit like all 3 of the prevailing handheld gaming devices. If we consider its different elements: it has a color similar to Steam Deck, an operating system and chip that resembles the ROG Ally, and a controller part that detaches just like the joy cons of Nintendo Switch.

The new handheld will measure around 299 x 131 x 41mm, something similar to the Steam Deck. However, the Steam Deck is a lot lighter in the hands of a gamer at around 600 gms to the 854 gms weight of Lenovo Legion Go.

Processing Power and Display of the Lenovo Legion Go

One thing we found pretty great about the ROG Ally was its AMD Ryzen Z1 chipset. Amazingly, the same processor is going to be in the Lenovo Legion Go. Lenovo is utilizing its Cold Front thermal technology to help cool the system. The cooling system is a lot quieter than the one found in Steam Deck and good enough to achieve good graphic output. Lenovo Legion Go has 6GB 7500Mhz LPDDR5X RAM and PCIe Gen4 storage.

FPS mode

Source: Lenovo

If we consider the display, Legion Go will have a screen that is 8.8 inches with a 2560 x 1600 display that runs at 144Hz. Steam Deck and ROG Ally have 7-inch displays that run at 60Hz and 120Hz respectively. The colors on Steam Deck are reportedly duller than its contemporaries.

Operating System of the Lenovo Legion Go

One feature that everyone who uses ROG Ally adores in their handheld is the Windows operating system. Lenovo Legion Go is going to have a Windows operating system as well!

At this point, it is essential to remember that ASUS worked closely with Windows to get the handheld compatible while Lenovo hasn’t done the same. Handling Windows on Lenovo’s Legion Go is going to be an adventure for many.

The Go Controllers & Mobile Gaming with Lenovo Legion Go

Go Controllers & Mobile Gaming with Lenovo Legion Go

Source: Lenovo

You’d think that mobile gaming with Lenovo Legion Go would be a breeze if you were to know the following:

  • Lenovo Legion Go comes with its stand.
  • The gaming handheld’s detachable controllers are equipped with Hall Joysticks for precise movement.
  • Controllers have a large trackpad and a well-designed D-pad.
  • Users will get 10 easy-to-modify buttons on the controllers slash joycon like Legion TrueStrike controllers.
  • The right Legion TrueStrike controller double as the mouse for the Lenovo Legion Go.

There’s just so much that’s happening with the controller that the gaming experience can be positively heavenly if the game UI can work properly.

Are the Lenovo Legion Go Specifications Good Enough For Gaming?

When you think of a Windows-based gaming handheld, you just know that all PC games can easily run with the handheld. ROG Ally started with Windows and it works well with different types of games including X-Box games, EA games, and Steam library. ROG Ally has a single application called Armoury Crate to store and run all the different types of games. Lenovo’s answer to this problem was the inclusion of Legion Space in their gaming handheld. ASUS and Lenovo both gift the user an initial Xbox game pass for 3 months with access to thousands of games.

Combination of Virtual with Lenovo Legion Go

Let’s talk about the surprise that came with Lenovo Legion Go’s announcement. The Lenovo Legion Glasses are here and now a gaming handheld can have a big screen without docking.

Combination of Virtual with Lenovo Legion Go

Source: Lenovo

Lenovo Legion Glasses will grant the users a private viewing screen that will provide a full HD 1080p experience at 60Hz. Only the user will be able to view the large screen and they’ll get audio via built-in speakers. Let’s not forget that these glasses have inspired many Steam Deck users to attach projectors to their own handhelds. Creativity at its best!

Lenovo Legion Go Price and Other Accessories You’ll Need For Full Experience

Lenovo Legion Go Price and Other Accessories

Source: Lenovo

It would be unfair to assume that the Lenovo Legion Go price would be the same as that of Steam Deck and ROG Ally. We are going to get 1TB of storage with this device, although you can always add more storage via a microSD card. However, the Windows OS and high storage is also a feature of ROG Ally and that’s probably why the upcoming handheld will retail at $699.

Storage of Legion Go will ensure that the user won’t need to buy an excessive number of SD cards to keep their games. Unlike Steam Deck and ROG Ally which need a docking station to connect to a bigger screen, Lenovo handhelds have glasses. The Lenovo Legion Glasses are set to sell at $329. You’ll be able to easily connect them to Lenovo Legion Go by using one of the two USB-C ports (USB 4.0, DisplayPort 1.4, and Power Delivery 3.0).

The last of Lenovo Legion Go accessories is a wired pair of headphones, the Lenovo Legion E510 7.1 RGB Gaming In-ear Headphones. While the handheld does have an audio jack, you’ll be able to connect these to the device via a USB-C port.

Are You Converting to Lenovo Legion Go For Mobile Gaming?

When you think about the amazing Lenovo Legion Go specifications and then the Lenovo Legion Go price, you can see that the price is justified. The device, if it can perform without any glitches, could easily take many fans away from their Steam Decks and Nintendo Switch, not so much from ROG Ally. 

At this moment, everything is mere speculation about its capabilities. Because even though ROG Ally has been here for a while now, it still isn’t the perfect machine every user expected. Over some time, we cannot wait to see how amazing this device will perform!

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