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Article: PS5 vs. ROG Ally: Features that Stand Out

PS5 vs. ROG Ally

PS5 vs. ROG Ally: Features that Stand Out

Recently, the handheld gaming market has become pretty saturated with a lot of options available. Despite so many choices, each device comes with a few shortfalls, or you may say some sizable compromises to make.

The recent launch of Asus Rog Ally, with great features, portability and a handheld gaming console with Windows 11, brings it to major fronts for discussion.

PS5 has always been the gamers' favourite until the Steam Deck was launched. Now we just have to see whether Asus ROG Ally manages to be the new gamers’ favourite.

As these giants prepare to battle, let's explore how they stack up against each other, helping you find your perfect gaming companion.

Comparing The Two On Portability, Resolution, Display & The Storage

Comparing The Two On Portability, Resolution, Display & The Storage

1. Portability

Asus Rog Ally is a portable gaming console that does not need your presence at home 24/7.

2. Output Resolution

Resolution refers to the number of pixels composing an image and is a crucial determinant of image quality. Higher resolutions yield crisper and more intricate images. 8K Sony PlayStation wins the battle against the 4K Asus ROG Ally.

3. Display Resolution

The 1080p Full HD IPS display resolution of the handheld ROG Aly makes it a winner against the PlayStation 5 without a display screen.

4. Internal Storage

Internal storage is like your in-game inventory space. It's the built-in storage within your device where you stash all your system data, apps, and your hard-earned loot, like game saves and files. When you've got a hefty chunk of internal storage, it means you can hoard more epic gear, apps, and goodies on your device without worrying about running out of space. 825 GB PS5 vs 512 GB ROG Ally causes PS5 to win.

Know The Performance of Asus ROG Ally & The PS5

Asus ROG Ally & The PS5

1. CPU Speed

8 x 3.5GHz PS5 Vs. 8 x 3.3GHz Asus makes the PS5 to win with 6.06% faster CPU Speed. What do we mean by this? Imagine the CPU speed as the overclocked heart of your gaming rig. It's the number of processing cycles your CPU can blaze through every second, and it's what powers your gaming adventures.

Think of it like this: if your CPU had multiple cores (kind of like teammates), it's like combining their clock speeds to make one unstoppable squad. So, whether you're fragging enemies or exploring vast virtual worlds, a faster CPU speed means your gaming experience is going to be smoother and more epic!

2. Floating Point Performance

Floating-point performance is like the muscle power of your gaming GPU. It tells you how fast and strong your graphics card is when crunching numbers for those mind-blowing in-game visuals.

So, the higher the floating-point performance, the more your GPU can flex its gaming muscles, delivering smoother and more breathtaking graphics in your favourite games.

It's what makes those explosions, spells, and epic landscapes look so darn realistic! With 10.3 TFLOPS, PS5 weighs heavier against 8.6 TFLOPS of ROG Ally.

3. GPU Clock Speed

When your gaming rig's graphics processing unit (GPU) has a turbocharged clock speed, it's like strapping a nitro boost to your gaming experience. It means your GPU is revved up and ready to push out those stunning visuals in your games at lightning speed. Our PS5 comes with a 2230MHz GPU clock speed, while EOG stands at 1500MHz.

The W-Fi & The Ports Matter

W-Fi & The Ports Matter

1. Wi-Fi Versions

Asus comes with Wi-Fi 6E while PS5 with Wifi-6. The Wi-Fi 6E is the latest and greatest, offering the fastest speeds and lowest latency. It operates on 6GHz in addition to 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, making it superior to the older Wi-Fi 6.

2. USB Ports

USB ports for gamers are essential components of a gaming setup. These ports allow gamers to connect various peripherals and accessories to their gaming PC or console, enhancing their gaming experience. Unlike Asus’s 1 USB port, the PS5 comes with 4 ports for better connectivity and play.

It Makes The Difference: The Controllers & The Sound

1. Controllers

Happy gaming with the right controllers is famous among gamers. Playstation comes with four controllers, while Asus comes with 1.

2. Dolby ATMOS

Dolby Atmos is like the magic spell for your ears in gaming. It transforms regular sounds into 3D objects, creating a mind-blowing, all-around audio experience. ROG Ally offers this feature, while PS5 does not.

The Battle Asus Rog Ally Vs. PS5 Comes To An End

To sum it up, the PS5 is like the ultimate console wizard. It's all about optimising your gaming experience to the max and giving you exclusive titles that make you feel like a gaming VIP. It's like having a tailored suit for your gaming adventures.

Now, the ROG Ally is a superpower with dynamic gaming features. Apart from being portable and a harbour of Dolby Atmos, it customises everything that suits your gaming. You can tweak it to be your gaming beast, and it's always ready for whatever you throw at it.

Don’t forget to check out our 6-in-1 docking station for ROG Ally to enhance your gaming setup.

So, fellow gamers, it all depends on you, your preferences and your gaming experience. Opt for the right gaming device to make your gaming experience special.

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