New In|Syntech docking Station Compatible With Steam Deck

At the very beginning, our motivation is to add an appropriate round design to this dock. The reason? We want to break the cookie cutter design status quo on the market by injecting enough warm and to life inspirations into our product design. So here it comes, the very first version of our dock. 

As an old saying goes, “Ten years for sharpening a sword.” 

Considering the perfect match with the Steam Deck and user friendliness that is in real meaning to all functional interfaces, we'd modified our models over and over again. From the arc of the profile on the side, the angle of the slop in the vertical groove, to the sequence of ports...all based on real voices from a bunch of Steam Deck users and UX designers we gathered offline.

Finally, when we came to the final stage- the mold shaping of our latest version, we were informed that our integrated design was far beyond the manufactural ability due to extremely high costs and complicated methods. 

We were stuck at that time. After endless brainstorming with our product specialists and multiple tests, we finally came up with this wonderful piece of engineering – parting line design. (Reach Pic 5, see the parting line in between), which maximizes the manufactural feasibility without sacrificing the functionality and stability of all the interfaces and brings a more affordable price to our end-users. 

It’s always gratifying when we find a new way to do things and our customers love what we’ve done for them. We remain dedicated to our mission: to provide better experiences for using digital content. This is a special gift from Syntech. We hope you like it, and we’re always here to give an ear to our users.