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Product Features:

Universal Compatibility: Allows connections to your USB Type-A laptops or chargers with usb-c cable, usb-c hubs and usb-c peripherals. Compatible with USB Type-A 2.0 / 3.0 interface devices, including the normal chargers, previous MacBooks and most laptops on the market.

Easy for Use: Simply plug and work, no installation needed.

Fast and Quick: With usb-a male to usb c female adapter, you can sync, charge and transfer data from your usb-a devices by using a usb c cable. This enables you to connect phones, tablets, flash drives, mouse, hubs and other usbc peripherals to your laptops and chargers with normal usb. One-side usb c 3.0 protocol for high speed data transfer up to 5 Gbps.

Safe and Reliable: Built-in 56KΩ resistor in this usb c to usb adapter ensures charging and data transferring safe and long lasting.

What you get: Syntech Black USB to USB-C Adapter, 30 day Money-Back and Lifetime Warranty.


USB 3.0 Male to USB-C Female Adapter

  • Premium usb 3.0 to usb-c adapter with anodized aluminum connector housings
  • Syntech usb to usb c female adapter adopts tin-plated usb receptacles and gold-plated pins on both male and female usb connectors
  • 24k gold-plated pins are corrosion-resistant and more durable for plugging and unplugging of your usb c cable. The connectors make tight connection and stable transmission.

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Fast Charging Speed

Built-in 56KΩ resistor and two 100pF capacitance ensured up to 2.4A stable fast charge

Optimal USB 3.0 Syncing

Superspeed USB 3.0 provides up to 5Gbps data transfer speed, or 1000 songs every 5 seconds for one-side usb c receptacle.

Outstanding & Unique Construction for Long Service Life

  • Syntech anodized aluminum has advantages of strong durability and heat dissipation. The alloy shell is built to last long.
  • The high density quality aluminum shell of this adapter has also undergone a fatigue test of bending and has been proven to be suitable for your usage. It is characterized by heat dissipation, anti-friction, anti-corrosion, oil resistance, acid & alkali resistance and good flexibility.


Syntech USB Male to USB C Female Adapter is designed for usb-a devices to work with usb-c accessories, like usb-c cables, usb-c hubs, usb-c peripherals

Compatible Devices (Incomplete List):

  • USB-C Cables: usb-c to lightning cable for iPhone
  • USB-C hubs: usb-c to usb hub, usb-c card reader
  • USB-C Peripherals: usb-c flash drive, usb-c mouse, usb-c keyboard, usb-c earphone, usb-c Male adapter, etc


This is a USB adapter and cannot deliver HDMI or other video signal.

The charging speed is up to 5V/2A and the speeds also depends on your charger and device.

This adapter can charge phones and tablets but cannot charge a laptop.

Only one side of usb-c receptacle is 3.0 speed, the other side is usb 2.0. If you would like to use a usb-c hub or usb-c flash drive that requires usb 3.0 data transfer speed, please make sure that you plug into the correct orientation.

Please leave us a question if you are not sure about the compatibility of your devices.