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The Discovering Journey!

Upon receiving the Vision Pro in February, our founder, Edward, found that when utilizing various applications,  he had to remove the device due to discomfort in his temples, cheeks, bridge of the nose, etc. The usage duration did not exceed 30 minutes. Our team members tested the device and found similar opinions shared in discussions on Reddit and YouTube. Consequently, we designed this product to disperse the pressure on the front, balance the front and rear tilt and force through the rear power bank, and provide a solution for conveniently carrying the power bank. This project officially commenced at the end of February.

Unparalleled Comfort and Versatility

Product stage: This is a 3D-printed accessory sample solely for testing purposes. The sales process will commence after gathering sufficient feedback for potential improvements.

Materials: Components include elastic, environmentally-friendly polymer for certain elements, as well as PU leather, sponge, and knitted fabric.

Accessory components: Items included are 3D printed parts such as a power bank holder, adjustable front and rear distance brackets, a knitted strap, and a top connection buckle.

Structural principle: The knitted strap is designed to transfer the weight of the Vision Pro to the head, reducing facial pressure, while the adjustable front and rear distance brackets allow for customization of fit.

Applicable scenarios: Suitable for use in offices, homes, medical laboratories, conference rooms, outdoor settings, public transportation environments, etc.

Suitable users: Recommended for users such as medical researchers, designers, developers, Apple enthusiasts, football game enthusiasts, movie-watching enthusiasts, etc.

Recommended usage:

  1. For scenarios involving lying down or reclining, such as watching movies, etc., it is advised to utilize the combination of the knitted strap and the official soft head strap.
  2. For long-time use, such as attending meetings, working in offices, etc., it is advised to install a knitted strap and all printed parts obtained in the package.

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