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Many years ago, it was hard to find acceptable accessories on amazon. Since we owned well-designed electronics such as smartphone, smart watches or laptops, in comparison with these electronics, most tech accessories on amazon at that time were poorly-designed and unreliable.

Since then, I decided to build tech accessories with great design and quality for amazon shoppers. After moving from San Francisco to China, I started to gather the Syntech team. With years of efforts、 up and downs, we had sold thousands of units to customers all over the world and never settled on design and quality.

During the same time, the Syntech team has grown from only me (a UC Alumni) to a group of young professionals in e-commerce, design, manufacturing, logistics, and electronics.

Nowadays, including my original intention, the team started to consider design for environment as well as amazon return donations. Hope you like what we do here. By the way, welcome to join the Syntech community on instagram to know more.

Thank you again for choosing Syntech.

Founder of Syntech


General Manager 

As the CEO of Syntech, I dedicated myself to improving the whole system's efficiency and promoting our brand spirit - a healthy and environmental-friendly life.

I believe that a well-organized team can achieve more than expected. Since a product life cycle starts from sketch to mass production, management methods are crucial to ensuring that every single product is in its best condition upon arrival to our customers.

Like our brand spirit, I support a healthy lifestyle. I love Pilates and Les Mills and exercise every day. Sport and traveling are my favorites to balance work and life.

  • We are a team of more than 20 young people with different personalities, all of whom like new things and pursue innovation.
  • We are passionate about outdoor sports and love to embrace nature.
  • We love life, and we love our work as well. With a positive attitude towards life, we aspire to bring a healthy and environmentally friendly life to all users.
  • We dare to pursue and look forward to growing from every challenge.