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SYNTECH Steam Deck Docking Introduction

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SYNTECH Steam Deck Docking Introduction

Intelligent design round base makes  steam more stable.

Ergonomic design, More comfortable and natural when playing games

Intelligent design round base makes the base more stable.

Buy one worth six :
-USB 3.0 x 3 ports
-HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz port
-Type C port
-Gigabit Ethernet port

Support external devices for steam deck ,win better game experience!


90 Degree Right Angle USB-C Male to USB-C Female Adapter

 Angle Design 

90-Degree Right Angle Design Adapter with LED light, broaden your horizons. 

Carrying Case
Compatible with Steam Deck Console & Accessories

Large Space

The design is inspired by the suitcase.
You can take your beloved Steam Deck to anywhere anytime.

Protective Case Designed for Steam Deck

Perfect Touch

The design is inspired by bicycle tires. We pay attention to the anti-slip and comfort of the silicone cap to ensure the smoothness of your game operation.

Enjoy the Newest Game