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Syntech VR Headset Fast Charging Link Cable


1. Charging Power Recommendation:
The charging power depends on charger compatibility with the VR headset. For Quest3 devices, we recommend using the original 18W charger. While the original Quest2 charger provides 10W, for uninterrupted gameplay, we recommend using an 18W or higher power charger with Quest2 devices.

2. Charging Limitations:
The Quest3/2 has a charging protection mechanism that limits the charging power when its power level is above 65%, thus the power level may continue to drop. If your battery level is below 65% and charging still can't keep up with power consumption, Please unplug the charging port and plug it in again to activate fast charging.

3. Charging Limitations During Sleep Mode:
The VR headset may limit charging power during sleep. If charging seems slow or inactive after standby, unplug and reinsert the cable to activate fast charging.

4. Charging Dynamics During Gameplay and Standby:
According to our tests, when the battery level is below 65%, increasing power by 15-20% per hour. When the battery is above 65%, prolonged simultaneous charging and gaming may trigger the charge protection limit resulting in a 10-15% drop in power per hour. If it is not triggered, the power drops by 0-3% per hour

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