Gaming Console Carrying Case

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Gaming Console Carrying Case


1. Is the carrying case compatible with all gaming consoles?
The carrying case, measuring 41.2*29*20 cm, is designed to accommodate most gaming consoles. It is recommended for use with PS5, PS4, and Xbox series gaming consoles.

2. How should I properly store my gaming consoles and accessories for better organization and protection?
The carrying case adopts a unique compartmentalized storage design, which includes a rear compartment for storing the gaming console and a middle compartment for organizing HD cables, power banks, and game discs (also suitable for independently storing laptops of 15.6 inches and below). The case has a front compartment for storing headphones and two controllers and a rear pocket for storing items such as phone chargers, tablets, stands, phones, wallets, etc.

3. Is the carrying case overall waterproof and stain-resistant?
The black part of the carrying case resists splashes, while the white part is resistant to water and stains (non-oily liquids and stains like soda, tomato juice, and dust). However, stubborn stains like oil-based ink may be challenging to remove.

4. Can the carrying case be taken on board as carry-on luggage?
Yes, the size of the carrying case complies with the standard dimensions for carry-on items set by US airlines, making it suitable for onboard use.

5. What should I do if there are problems with the product or if I don't know how to use it?
For any issues or queries, you can contact Syntech’s customer support team at We are committed to providing you with reassuring and prompt assistance.