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Mission :To provide better experiences for using digital conetent

Vision: To be one of the most recognized brands in the world

Team Values: Work Hard and Right, Open mind, Customer First, Team Collaboration, Honesty and Integrity, Self-Achiecement

Live better, better design.

As living in the modern time, we spend a lot of time with smartphones, laptops, and other electronics. However, by using these elegant and well-designed electronics, it seems like we’ve ignored the design of the accessories for them.

But we know that we use accessories quite often in our daily lives and enjoy the convenience that electronics and accessories offer. So why do most accessories not match with our electronics? Could it be because we do not have a well-designed choice online?

Four years ago, when it was hard to find well-designed accessories on amazon, I decided to build tech accessories on my own with great design. It was clear that we need better-designed products in our daily life. So, we set our mission to make well-designed products and become a well-known brand. To enjoy the better product for yourself and live better.

Edward, Founder

We love healthy lifestyles to live better.

Not only the well-designed products can make life better, but exercises, greens, sports are also essential to us. We support off-screen activities to embrace nature as people are spending too much time on the screens nowadays. We advocate a healthy lifestyle to our customers, team, families, friends, and neighbors.

We are putting the customer first

After moving from San Francisco to China, I started to gather the Syntech team. With years of efforts, up and downs, we had sold thousands of units to customers worldwide and never settled on design and quality.

During the same time, the Syntech team has grown from only me to a group of young professionals in e-commerce, design, manufacturing, logistics, and electronics. All of our work is to make sure 100% satisfaction to our customers.

By direct working with reputable suppliers and online sales channels, we also bring the premium material and design to you at a lower price.

We live responsibly

As we don’t need eye-catching packaging online, many Syntech products are well-designed to reduce excess packaging. Apart from that, we have adopted more efficient shapes to the design of adapters.

All of our products stored in amazon US fulfillment centers have joined the FBA donation program. In addition, Good360 is the US partner to distribute donated inventory to support people in need.