What we think the Metaverse is

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Article: What we think the Metaverse is.

What we think the Metaverse is.

What we think the Metaverse is.

Metaverse is a very new thing. In the early years, when VR games just appeared, and when Oculus started kickstarter crowdfunding, it seemed that there was no such concept. Then the movie《Ready player I》sold well, and we were very interested about the virtual world. It has its own characters, life, and social network, which full of imagination. Until now, the social giant company has even changed its name , and often displays the functions of the Metaverse, and the concept of Metaverse has been familiarized to the public.

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However, our understanding of the Metaverse may be different from that of most people. We think that we are already living in a virtual world, we use computers and laptops to complete work, improve productivity, and use emoji or personal photos as social avatars. A kind of social app to connect with friends and family, to make life more convenient, we have spent enough time in the virtual world;

In this regard, we think that the Metaverse is a brand-new hardware interaction mode, moreover a brand-new era. It can be in the way that the introduction and emergence of user interaction, just like it when iPhone has brought a brand-new era of mobile experience. When people find that we can use finger touch to zoom in the picture, and unlock the phone, it is very shocking.

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In the near future, the Metaverse will also have a revolutionary interactive mode, and there will be many hardware products that everyone can't put down. The software ecosystem based on these interactive modes and hardware will also appear. It will continue to flourish and iterate, giving us more convenience and happiness in our lives.

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