Celebrate Her with Tech: Top Syntech Picks for Women's Day

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Article: Celebrate Her with Tech: Top Syntech Picks for Women's Day

Top Syntech Picks for Women's Day

Celebrate Her with Tech: Top Syntech Picks for Women's Day

Welcome to the world of Syntech Home, where technology innovation aims to add value to your everyday tasks and entertainment. As we honor the women close to us this Women's Day, Syntech truly believes that women in our lives give us many reasons to cherish and appreciate them. So, why not give them tech that they will enjoy using and that may make their routine a bit more enjoyable?

Women have been alongside men in advancing technology, and it is only right to celebrate with them by giving them the best that Syntech has to offer. We’ve carefully catered some of the best Syntech products you can get for the women in your life so that you spend less time browsing for gifts and more time celebrating their special day with them.

Top Tech Picks for the Women in Your Life

Women in tech are avid consumers of innovative products that fit their lifestyles. This is why we’ve put together some products that may be a good fit for a specific woman in your life.

Directional Shotgun Microphone

Directional Shotgun Microphone

This  International Women's Day, honor the women content creators in your life with this robust and high-quality Directional Shotgun microphone. This microphone is catered to all audio needs and is built to last, with a complete package for vlogging, creating content on your phone, or with a camera. This compact microphone is highly versatile and compatible with a variety of devices.                   

Professional Quality

The crystal clear audio captured by this microphone is a testament to the fact that it is well-equipped to create a wide variety of content. It is an essential part of any content creator's setup.

Compact and Versatile

Due to the extensive compatibility this microphone has, as well as its small size, it is equipped to be a great accessory for creating vlog content and other types of content on the move. Along with this, it provides superior audio quality and can also be set up on your PC to use as a recording mic.

ClickLight Multipurpose Portable Selfie Light

ClickLight Multipurpose Portable Selfie Light

Syntech Home products are here to facilitate people in various parts of their lives, and this product is no different. The multipurpose Clicklight Selfie Light is a great product for women who love taking pictures but fail to find the perfect lighting in multiple settings. The unique design of the ClickLight makes it portable and easy to carry along with you, so you can take stunning pictures wherever you go.

3-in-1 Functionality

The multifunctional design of the Clicklight provides great utility for its customers. It features an LED light, a soft diffuser, and a portable mirror in one device. Due to the amount of utility it provides, it can be used for a range of activities, like applying cosmetics or even recording video content.

Rechargeable Battery

The ClickLight has a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, which supports charging while it is being used. The compatibility with multiple charging devices allows for easy simultaneous use, so there is no interruption when creating content or just doing your makeup. This makes it one of the most thoughtful gifts for the special woman in your life.

RGB Glowmic USB Condenser Microphone

RGB Glowmic USB Condenser Microphone

The RGB Glowmic Condenser Mic by Syntech is one of the most aesthetically pleasing tech gifts for women on this list. With multiple lighting modes, it can adjust to whatever environment it is in. When talking about utility, the mic features a mute button and a mic gain knob with great sound quality, making it an absolute bargain for content creators. It is the perfect mic for budding content creators to showcase their talent and engage with their audience.

Sound Quality

While being compatible with multiple devices and platforms, the audio quality the mic offers is stunning and leaves people in awe. The sampling rate and audio frequency allow users to create audio on par with more expensive mics on the market. Pair that with an easy setup, the condenser mic from Syntech provides great value to content creators.

RGB Lights

The RGB lights on the mic aren’t just for looks, although they do make the mic look much more stylish and innovative. The button on top of the mic provides easy access to mute yourself while recording, and the RGB light turns red to indicate that you are muted. The RGB lights combine aesthetics and utility to create a great feature for content creators.

20W Fast Charger For iPhone

20W Fast Charger For iPhone

Syntechs 20W Fast Charger for Apple devices is one of the great Women's Day gifts for women working or entertaining themselves on the iOS ecosystem. Charging time is a deciding factor for buying chargers these days, along with compatibility, and Syntech has both those aspects covered. This charger is designed to be long-lasting and is made to be portable, so you’re never low on battery wherever you go.

Fast Charging & Transfers

The Syntech PD 3.0 technology is built-in keeping charging times in mind. The MFi-certified cable ensures that along with fast charging for all your Apple devices, transfers to and from these devices are as fast as possible.


When creating this charger, Syntech understands that chargers must work as intended, whatever setting or device may be charged. The charger is compatible with all iOS devices (up to the iPhone 14 Pro Max) and accessories that have a lighting port. This makes it a one-charger-fits-all product.

Surprise the Women in Your Life On Women’s Day

Syntech has curated a well-thought-out list of Women's Day gifts that would show your appreciation to the women in your life. With these tech gifts aimed at women in tech, you can celebrate International Women's Day with them and add value to their lives with innovative ideas.

The list of gifts mentioned includes a great bundle of devices that cater to various use cases. Take a look at the products and get one that suits the variety of activities the woman in your life is engaged in. Surprise her this Women’s Day!

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