VR Head Strap with Battery Pack

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Compatible with Oculus Quest 2: Syntech upgraded the structure of the VR head strap, which significantly improved comfort and stability. At the same time, we upgraded the battery’s capacity to a large capacity of 10,000mAh, which can fully charge the Quest2 twice and increase the battery life to about 4-6 hours, providing you with a comfortable VR experience with longer battery life. (Note: some high-power applications will reduce battery life)

Easy-to-wear Design: Syntech head strap features a flexible 60-degree adjustable design that makes it easy to put on and take off your VR headset. When you leave the VR world to see the external environment, you don't need to take down the VR headset completely; use the rotating design to stand the headset on your forehead, which is very easy and convenient.

Stable Head Strap Structure: Syntech head strap adds a removable soft cotton strap for extra support, relieving the pressure on your head and making the structure more stable and comfortable. It also provides a larger contact area that can better fit and cup your head, improving the overall wrapping and comfort. Hydrous thermoplastic synthetic resin is used in ultra comfort PU foam. each support point of the head strap is equipped with skin-friendly soft pads so that you won't feel any hard plastic pressing against your head.

Reliable and Safe: Syntech battery pack uses LiPo batteries. The power supply with lithium polymer battery is better in current storage capacity and safety performance, relatively having a longer lifespan. At the same time, we also set up overcharge protection, overheating protection, short-circuit protection, and overload protection to ensure multiple safety.

Specially Designed Snap-Fit connection: The connection between the head strap and the battery pack adopts a innovative snap-fit design, easy to install and remove and stable, so even if you are doing intense game actions, it can be firmly fixed without shaking, immersing you in the VR world.

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