I am Edward, the brand owner of Syntech. After moving from San Francisco Bay Area to China, I am leading a professional team here in Shenzhen, the silicone valley for hardwares.

We are technology ehnthusiastics who are pushing limits of engineering and design for hardware products. Currently selling usb-c adapters and usb-c hubs. We believe accessories should be as elegant as laptop/phone.

As a small team, we maintain our high-standard in Quality, Design and Customer Service. We are dedicated in providing 100% satisfaction to our customers and innovating more high-standard products for the online marketplace.

Customer Service – 30-day money-back gurantee for any reason and 12-month warranty for quality-related issue. Warranty extensions by registering on our website.

High-Standard Design&Quality – Leading industrial design and frequently quality control.

Contact – team@syntechhome.com